Germany 101

Germany is a wonderful travel destination for those who enjoy exploring European countries. There are some basic facts that travelers should know before traveling to Germany to ensure that you get the most out of your vacation. It has the largest population of any European nation, around 82 million, and the country features many sites and natural places to explore.

Government Facts

In 1949 Germany became a democratic parliamentary federal republic. After the reunification in 1990, the country established 16 different federal states which are still there today. The head of the state is the Federal President and the government as a whole is led by the Federal Chancellor.

Landscape and Cities

The German countryside is filled with beautiful mountains, landscapes and waterways. The famous Alps can be found in the south of the country with Zugspitze being the tallest mountain in the country. The Rhine is the country’s longest and most well known river, flowing through much of the nation. Those who are seeking information about the urban areas would be pleased to known the the capital city of Berlin is the most populated, at over 3 million, and also one of the most popular cities with visitors. Hamburg, Munich and Cologne are three of the other most populous cities, each having a population above or near 1 million.


Lifestyle and Arts

The country is home to many cultural festivals that celebrate the German heritage. These include beer and wine celebrations and the famous Oktoberfest. German citizens also love to celebrate with music and local food. The country has been home to many famous writers and musical composers. Many people have heard of Bach, Goethe and Beethoven, but not everyone realizes that each of these famous men came from the beautiful country of Germany. There are many places to take in cultural events including hundreds of theatres, over 600 art museums and around 130 orchestras. The Germans also appreciate a good education and the country has over 370 universities and other higher learning facilities.

Visitors to Germany will enjoy the strong cultural identity that has remained there throughout modernization of the cities. The Alps are a must see and you should also make time to try some traditional German food and drink to truly experience everything the country has to offer.