Must try delicacies in Germany – Food Picks

When people think about trying international cuisine, German food is not usually top of the list. Many people have the misconception that there is not much more to it than different types of sausage. However, this is certainly not the case and there is a lot that you could be missing out on by not giving German cuisine a go. The following seven foods should be at the top of your list the next time that you have the opportunity to sample German food.


Sausages make the list because when they are cooked right, they are unlike anything you would have tried elsewhere. The meat that is used in Germany combined with the way that they are prepared and cooked creates a completely different taste than any Frankfurters or Bratwurst that you would have tried at home. You will also find a selection of speciality sausages that you won’t find outside of Germany which are well worth a try.



The schnitzel is another meal that Germany classes as one of its national dishes. No matter which part of Germany you are visiting, almost every restaurant is sure to serve this dish. It is made by taking a thin piece of chicken, pork or veal and then crumbing it. It is usually served with either a salad, or potatoes and vegetables. You will probably also find that it is accompanied by a mushroom or hollandaise sauce.


This is a dish of roasted ham hock which is extremely popular in Bavaria and it is a staple food during the Oktoberfest celebrations. It has a fairly medieval appearance but don’t let this fool you into thinking that this food is in any way bland and it is certainly a hearty meal when served with potatoes, vegetable and sauerkraut. It is also great for soaking up beer, so make sure you enjoy a drink or two with your meal.

How do you say it?


This dish originates in Turkey, not Germany but is definitely the nation’s favorite takeaway dish after being bought over centuries ago by Turkish immigrants. Pork or chicken is stuffed into a bread pocket with salad and sauce to create a unique taste experience. Although they should be enjoyed at least once on your holiday, they are renowned for being high in calories and fat, so if you are watching your weight then one is probably enough.


Fish might not be something that you expect to be a German delicacy, but you will change your mind about this if you try the fish in the Lower Saxony region. Here you will find dishes such as fresh North Sea shrimp and smoked and pickled dishes. You will usually find that if you eat in a seafood restaurant, the fish has been caught by the restaurant itself, but if not they will be able to tell you exactly where it was caught.



Almost every bakery in Germany will sell Berliners, which are pastries that are similar in taste to donuts, and are usually filled with different flavors of jam. Be careful about eating one of these at a New Year’s Eve party though, as it is traditional to fill them with mustard instead of jam, waiting for an unsuspecting guest to take a bite out of it.

Black Forest Gateau

Another dessert that you have to try while in Germany is the Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte or Black Forest Gateau which is named after one of the ingredients, the Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser, a cherry liqueur. The cake is made from layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream and fresh cherries and the size of the slice that you are served usually means you can share it with someone else and you still won’t be able to finish it.